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Automate fabric utilisation and estimation process

Automate fabric utilisation and estimation process

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IntelloCut works at the fabric utilisation stage (cutting room) to help you:

  • Planning automation: plans smartly with AI-assisted cutplan, taking care of complex styles while also balancing the on-floor spreading effort
  • Paperless execution: controls key processes, such as the generation of lay plan, through system and tablet application, avoiding any manual paper-based hassles
  • Warning signals: Re-plans in one-click using the end bit plan feature with feedback from the cutting floor
  • Real-time visibility: tracks fabric usage/ wastage with the BOM vs actual reporting, amongst other reports


IntelloBuy works at the fabric estimation stage (buying room) to help you

  • Planning automation: saves hours of planning time through artificial intelligence assisted planning tool
  • Big data analytics: delivers buying accuracy through big data analytics for lead time and reduction effort
  • Lead time reduction: ensures quick tun-around by drastically reducing fabric buying lead time through accurate on-time data
  • Control of cutting & buying: creates production grade marker plans at the estimation stage that mimic actual on-floor cutting scenarios to save time and effo

Product benefits

Product benefits for Intellocut -

  • Automatic 100% execution control
  • Cut 1% extra with the available fabric
  • Reduce Planning time by 80%

Product benefits for IntelloBuy -

  • Completely automate fabric buying
  • Reduce Fabric Expense by 1%
  • Reduce buying lead time by 80%